The Archive worked closely with the City as part of the Steering Committee to organize the celebration of the City’s 40th Anniversary. It included a Gala on Friday night, June 30, where we unveiled our tribute to the members of the first City Council, featuring Barbara Mouton, James Elton Blakey Jr., Gertrude Wilks, Dr. Omowale Satterwhite, and Ruben Abrica. The exhibit consisted of banners describing each individual member of the inaugural city council and their contributions to the City. 

We also unveiled a place exhibit, which highlighted specific locations around the city from past to present and how they have changed over time. Standing banners provided overviews of the mission of the archive, what a community archive is, and why we need one in East Palo Alto.

On Saturday, July 1st, the festivities included a parade and a block party with food, music, booths and activities for children, stretching down Bay Road from Pulgas to Cooley Landing. 

At Cooley Landing, the Archive displayed the Inaugural Council and Place exhibits and banners from the Gala. There we welcomed community members, giving them tours of the exhibit. iPads were available to access the virtual archive.

To further celebrate the city’s anniversary, we also screened our award winning documentary film, Small But Mighty: The Story of East Palo Alto and were supported by our partners at Bloomhouse through their new bike kiosk that featured information on what the archive is all about and how to get involved.

Our sincerest gratitude for all of those who came to celebrate the city’s history with us. We’re proud to not just archive the storied history of our beloved city but to have as part of our community team those who have directly played a role in helping to incorporate the city. Cheers to another 40 years and beyond for our small but mighty East Palo Alto.

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