Self-archiving Program

The Self-Archiving Program is a free workshop that trains current and former East Palo Alto residents to capture and document their family’s history, an organization’s history, or their own history, to then be featured in the East Palo Alto Community Archive.

During this program, you will learn to identify what stories you want to tell about yourself, your family, or your organization’s contributions to East Palo Alto and how to tell those stories through carefully selected artifacts and oral histories.

“We want the community archive to be of, by and for the people of East Palo Alto. ”

This can only be accomplished with broad support and involvement by East Palo Alto community members. That is why we strongly encourage residents to make the archive their own by participating in this program.

What to Expect

The self-archiving program is designed for current and former East Palo Alto residents who are able to commit to 6-8 weeks of work that will be both virtual and in-person. Participants will complete 3 hours of video recordings consisting of individual interviews and or group discussions, as well as, identify at least 10 related artifacts that will be loaned or donated to the archive. Participants do not need to have any materials other than artifacts in order to participate in this free training program.

See Who Already Participated

Ruben Avelar

Martha Hanks

Arthur Lim

Webster Lincoln

Samuel Tavera

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