Themes and Topics for Artifact Contributions

The East Palo Alto Community Archive is interested in collecting materials related to the unique culture and history of East Palo Alto. We are collecting materials in all languages and mediums giving priority to the following topics:


Arts and Culture
Arts organizations, community celebrations/festivals and local artisans
Whiskey Gulch, shopping centers, local businesses and chambers of commerce
Public, charter, independent and private schools
City government, county government and special districts
Health centers, nonprofit organizations and health-related businesses
Religion and Faith
Faith organizations and leadership
Social Services
Nonprofit and other service providers



Children, youth, young adults, adults and seniors


Females and males


Hispanic/Latin(a/o/x); Black/African American; Asian/Pacific Islander; Caucasian and Indigenous people

Sexual/Gender Identity


Historical Periods

1000 BC – 1779 AD

The Ohlone Nation

1780 – 1849

Colonization & Ohlone Genocide

1850 – 1935

Early Townships – Ravenswood to Runnymede

1936 – 1959

Post-Depression Period

1960 – 1979

The Nairobi Movement

1980 – 1994

Incorporation…A Divided City

1995 – 2010

Community Revitalization

2011 – Present

Community Preservation & Transformation

The types of items we’re interested in include, but are not limited to:
Written or printed documents, newspapers, photographs, 3D items, audio and video recordings, oral histories, pamphlets, and digital files.

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