On November 8, 2023, the East Palo Alto Community Archive (EPACA) was hosted by Stanford’s Haas Center For Public Service in a meeting to which several departments and programs that may have an interest in EPACA’s work were invited.

The Haas Center for Public Service has, since 1985, inspired the Stanford University community to ‘realize a just and sustainable world through service, scholarship, and community partnerships.’ It provides the hub for a university-wide initiative to make service an essential feature of a Stanford education.

Over the years, it has deployed hundreds of students and staff to support the work of many nonprofits and public agencies in East Palo Alto as well as other communities worldwide.

“The meeting was to explore ways in which various programs at Stanford could assist EPACA in its work,” said Sharifa Wilson, who added that “EPACA was looking for a productive partnership with Stanford University through the Haas Center for Public Service.”

Representing EPACA were Executive Director, Sharifa Wilson, and Records Manager, Barbara Noparstak. Stanford was represented by the departments of: Urban Studies, Stanford Libraries, Stanford Public Humanities, the Stanford Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA) and some students.

The itinerary also included a dinner followed by a meeting with students enrolled in a Haas Center course entitled ‘Pathways of Public Service.’ That meeting, held at Otero Lounge, a student residence, was open to all students. EPACA’s ‘Small but Mighty’ documentary was shown followed by a Q & A.

“Students were replete with questions,” observed Ms. Wilson, “and some students, excited about EPACA, said that they would look for ways to become involved.”