Did you know that the East Palo Alto Community Archive (EPACA) can help your employees transition to working in the youngest city in San Mateo?

Several new hires joining The Primary School and the Ravenswood City School District this school year had the opportunity to learn about the East Palo Alto community and the East Palo Alto Community Archive and the work it has done since its inception, documenting East Palo Alto history through oral interviews and the collection of other artifacts including photographs, documents, films, VHS tapes, audio tapes, T-shirts, etc.On August 4, and 8, 2023 respectively, EPACA Executive Director, Sharifa Wilson, spoke to the incoming staff of The Primary School and the Ravenswood City School District about East Palo Alto, its history and how EPACA’s work was important as well as its accomplishments to date.

For the Ravenswood City School District staff, she also accompanied them as a docent on a tour of areas of interest within the boundaries of the Ravenswood City School District which includes parts of the City of Menlo Park.

“EPACA is very happy to share its work, particularly with people coming into East Palo Alto to work,” said Ms Wilson. “It is important that people new to East Palo Alto know that East Palo Alto is a resilient community which over the years has proven that it meets its problems head on,” she added.

Ms. Martha Paramo, the Senior Manager, Admissions and Family Engagement, appreciated the background history and the other-than ‘murder-capital-of-the-United-States’ perspective of East Palo Alto that Ms.Wilson presented.

Natalie Perales, a new teacher, observed that she was most struck by the sense that East Palo Alto was a very ‘community-driven town’ with family and the community being very strong pillars and that outsiders, seeking to change the community, were forcefully resisted.

EPACA intends to be available to all for similar presentations and should you be interested please email us at manager@epacommunityarchive.org