In the last week of October, for Ravenswood High School Alumni, all roads led to Las Vegas for their annual pilgrimage to support the East Palo Alto T-Ball Pitching Program.

The East Palo Alto Community Archive was there to interview the alumni about their experiences attending this now defunct high school which opened in 1958 and shut its doors in 1975.

This eventful gathering began with a meet-and-greet on Friday night, October 27 where alumni, their spouses and friends met to reconnect, trade stories and review their lives in the last year or longer, noting the various transitions of the Ravenswood High School Alumni.

EPACA set up a private interview area and interviewed six alumni including Shirley Neal, class of 1962; Delores Bradford Farrell, class of ‘61; Gloria Comier, class of ‘65; Janet Thomas and Deidre Wright, both class of ‘63; and Ella Beecher. a long term East Palo Alto resident. 

On Saturday, October 28, East Palo Alto T- Ball Pitching Machine hosted its 17th annual charity golf tournament that over the years has attracted professional luminaires from various sports, particularly baseball and football. Saturday included a silent  auction and raffle ticket sales with all proceeds going to support East Palo Alto T-Ball Pitching Machine programs in East Palo Alto and Las Vegas.

An elaborate banquet was held that Saturday evening with dancing and raffle prizes. EPACA was able to interview four additional alumni including Willie Mcgee, class of ‘65; Joyce Myles, class of ‘63; Fran Cooper (Frierson), class of ‘71; and David Cheney, class of ‘63.

The traditional Sunday picnic, due to be held on Sunday,October 29, was canceled due to excessively cold and windy weather.

Several of the alumni have committed to working with the EPACA to engage more RHS alumni. 

We are looking forward to hearing and sharing more about the experience of attending Ravenswood High School.