Kalamu Chaché came to live in East Palo Alto with her family from Brooklyn, New York in the mid-1960s. After graduating from high school and pursing a college education at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon and Nairobi College in East Palo Alto, she has been serving the East Palo Alto and the Belle Haven area of Menlo Park communities in numerous professional, executive, administrative, advocacy, and artistic areas of employment and volunteer services. A strong advocate and practitioner of activism and volunteerism, specializing in the areas of youth development and the Literary/Music/Performing Arts, Chaché has worked on numerous causes and programs in the East Palo Alto community and greater San Francisco Bay Area. Today, she is a leading Cultural Arts Activist/Advocate/Initiator/Educator/
Curator/Promoter/Author/Recording & Performing Artist for a number of programs, causes and events, as well as serving as the East Palo Alto Poet Laureate since 1983.