East Palo Alto, or EPA, is just two and a half square miles but the power that lies here is immeasurable. It’s a city created by a grassroots movement started by its inhabitants: The People of East Palo Alto. Incorporated in 1983, EPA has a short but storied history. A community of faith, barons of barbecue, EPA is a diverse community that continues to be active in the preservation of its roots. The People of East Palo Alto series aims to put a face to the city’s story as told by the people themselves.

As part of The People of East Palo Alto series, you’ll discover nine video profiles of current and former residents below sharing their experiences and perspectives on the past, present, and future of their hometown (or the town they call home). Patricia Foster, Eugene Jackson, Ofelia Bello, Adrien Henderson, Shawneece Stevenson, James Taylor, Miriam Yapanqui, SCAPE Martinez, and Heleine Grewe provide a multicultural and inter-generational perspective on the city of East Palo Alto.

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